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The WorkPlace is a company of ideas and actions, resources and initiatives – all designed to strengthen the workforce. “Think it forward” is our corporate culture. Every discipline within our organization is encouraged to innovate and activate as we put ideas into motion for the greater good of the economy…and society as a whole.

From job training to ongoing education, The WorkPlace is the yardstick by which all workforce development efforts across the country will be measured. Funded by state and federal agencies, private foundations and corporations, The WorkPlace and its partners, community leaders and allies fully leverage the positive impact of our programs.

The American Job Center is a partnership of organizations providing effective workforce assistance to job seekers and businesses. This collaboration of The WorkPlace, state, regional and local organizations provides a seamless delivery system of programs and services.
Workforce equality for all people is a guiding principle of The WorkPlace.
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Our veterans deserve to be recognized for their honorable service to the country and the community.  In recognition of Veterans Day, we would like to gather and say thank you to veterans who honorably served their nation in the military and continue to add to the quality of the community.  Our intent is to recognize people whose life accomplishments normally go unrecognized.  We also would like to recognize a veteran organization who advocates for and assist veterans, while also providing opportunities for veterans to get involved in the larger community.  Please nominate a veteran or veteran organization today!

Veteran Nomination Form 

Veteran Organization Nomination Form


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