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Platform to Employment Re-Entry is a statewide pilot program to reduce unemployment and recidivism rates among the reentry population.  The program is modeled after the nationally recognized Platform to Employment (P2E) program which was designed to reconnect the long-term unemployed with the workforce and has assisted over 80% of graduates to secure employment.

Platform to Employment Re-Entry provides formerly incarcerated individuals with four weeks of work readiness and career development training. The core of the training focuses on life skills and professional development training to enhance confidence and improve employment opportunities. It includes access to career-related tools, seminars, behavioral health services, financial counseling and other resources to strengthen skills to secure careers. Other supports include resources to address barriers to employment such as transportation and childcare.

Just “20 Days to Success”! Platform to Employment is an empowering solution that is available to job seekers at no cost. Work with a dedicated staff and a committed support system with the same goal; helping you get back to work.

Platform to Employment Re-Entry is offered statewide in Connecticut with programs in Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, Norwich and Waterbury.

A Benefit for Employers

Platform to Employment Re-Entry is also an innovative solution that provides employers with a new avenue to a skilled workforce. Businesses receive a risk-free opportunity to evaluate and consider hiring participants during a four-week work experience fund by Platform to Employment. During this trial, The WorkPlace will pay all the candidate’s wages. Whether or not an employer hires the candidate, there is no cost to the business.

Contact Information

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