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Kimberly Woods

Bead Industries

At Bead Industries, the application of “lean thinking” supported by WorkPlace programs enabled us to reconfigure our production, eventually moving into a new, more efficient facility. In spite of intense competition and shifting markets, we have survived and protected jobs when many other companies have not. Without support from The WorkPlace, I’m sure we could not have weathered the storm and it was a long one.

Ken Bryant

CEO, Bead Industries

Coastal Mechanical

Stratford-based Coastal Mechanical is a commercial HVAC company that has been in business for 19 years. President and Founder Dave Besterfield attended a networking event in early 2015 when he met Bob Ganser, who at the time was doing financial consulting work. Having years of experience, Bob thought he would be a good fit for an open CFO position at Coastal but a program offered through The WorkPlace provided him a distinct advantage, a six-month wage subsidy. The incentive program was something that made it advantageous to hire Bob, said Besterfield. He integrated quickly into the office, the company and its procedures. After six-months, Besterfield hired Ganser and has stayed in touch with WorkPlace Program Manager Carmen Nieves because he believes the relationship will be a valuable resource to support future expansions of his business.

Coastal Mechanical

Frontier Communications

We feel fortunate to do business in Connecticut and have become a strong supporter of organizations like The WorkPlace and it’s Platform to Employment program. The first-class programs overseen by Joe Carbone and his team represent a high level of dedication, commitment and familiarity with the needs of the business community. Their input will continue to be an important part of Frontier’s planning as we grow our business and expand our workforce in Connecticut.

Jim Oddo

Vice President, Talent Acquisition & Development, Frontier Communications

Konedu Home Care

Konedu Home Care, LLC is dedicated to providing quality in-home care to their elderly clients with services ranging from homemaker/companion to private duty care and everything in between. When client referrals grew to the point of needing more staff, Konedu worked with the Platform to Employment (P2E) staff to hire Monica Steyer as an H.R. Coordinator. Konedu opted to take advantage of a wage subsidy that allows employers to evaluate P2E participants on a no-risk basis. According to co-owner Carie Jones-Smith, Monica turned out to be awesome. She utilized her past work experience to create our H.R. function and made sure we were in compliance on a number of issues.The timing was perfect because of the growth spurt we experienced and we could not have done it without her. Konedu has since hired additional P2E participants including a caregiver who visits clients and a community relations coordinator. They are so pleased with the quality of employees placed through P2E that they have referred other employers to the program.

Konedu Home Care, LLC