WP Ventures

A Subsidary of The WorkPlace

WP Ventures demonstrates a new way for not-for-profit agencies to approach social issues like a business

The WorkPlace, a not-for-profit company nationally recognized for innovation in workforce development programming, established a for-profit subsidiary to help job seekers and employers. The new corporate entity, WP Ventures, will operate fee-for-service business components, currently Engage Staffing and the blueGreen Research Institute.

Engage Staffing is a general staffing firm providing temporary, seasonal, project-specific, temp-to-hire and direct-hire solutions. Engage Staffing has built a reputation for focusing its resources on connecting employers with the right talent solutions for any type of position.

The blueGreen Research Institute provides grant writing, program development, and research services to a variety of public, private, and governmental entities that impact the workforce and economic development in the United States. The expertise of bluegreen Research Institute encompasses all aspects of creating and launching a program: research, model development, program management, grant development/fundraising, marketing, and evaluation.

“Creating WP Ventures as a subsidiary is a significant development in support of our mission…Revenue generated from these operations could fund future workforce development projects and services.”
Joseph M. Carbone

President & CEO, The Workplace

WP Ventures demonstrates a new way for not-for-profit agencies to approach social issues like a business. Use of for-profit subsidiaries is uncommon in U.S. workforce development agencies, but it makes sense for The WorkPlace to try this approach now.

By creating a for-profit subsidiary, The WorkPlace anticipates job seekers will benefit from more placement opportunities in a wide variety of industries and occupations. Employers, meanwhile, will gain access to a greater pool of job candidates and innovative support services.