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Need Assistance with Your Rental?

Supported by the Connecticut State Department of Housing, UNITE CT is an initiative to help support and provide rental assistance to the tenants of the state of Connecticut. We offer a variety of programs to help support you and your housing needs. Need assistance with moving? We can help. Need assistance with preventing yourself from being evicted. That is also covered. See our three options below and start your journey to stable and secure housing today.

The WorkPlace serves as the workforce development board for Southwestern Connecticut, helping prepare people for careers and strengthening the workforce for employers. Our mission is to develop a well-educated, well-trained, and self-sufficient workforce that can confidently compete in today’s changing global marketplace. Housing is one of those issues we have decided to tackle to strengthen Connecticut’s growing workforce.

Eviction Prevention Fund

Need help? The Eviction Prevention Fund provides eligible households who have a summary process eviction action pending against them with up to 15 months or $18,500 in a one-time rental assistance payment to cover their rental arrears.

Moving Assistance Program

Need to move? We offer moving assistance for tenants who have recently been evicted, have a federal or state-sponsored housing voucher, or are a client of a CT HUB. The Moving Assistance Program provides security deposit assistance. 

Rental Assistance

Need rental assistance? The UniteCT Workforce Rental Assistance program provides up to 3 months of rental assistance for qualifying participants registered in a workforce training program in Connecticut.

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