Bridgeport, CT – January 8, 2018

The WorkPlace is pleased to announce that the highly successful Platform to Employment (P2E) program is now accepting new applications from long-term unemployed workers across Connecticut. The program creates a pathway to employment for the long-term unemployed.  Last program year, P2E helped over 200 Connecticut residents find employment. Additionally, many more received career coaching and support services.

“Platform to Employment is the only project of its kind in the nation and in Connecticut it has shown strong results in placing participants in jobs,” said Joe Carbone, President and CEO of The WorkPlace.  “With this program we enable unemployed individuals to get back on track and dramatically improve participants’ likelihood of financial success and long-term stability.”

Job loss and long-term unemployment can wipe out retirement savings and cause hopes for a secure financial future to fade. The WorkPlace explored the challenges and life changing impacts of long-term unemployment.  We created P2E to help workers find good jobs in their communities and pave the way to a brighter and more secure future.

In the current economic environment it is clear employers are in a position to be very selective in hiring.  Those that are currently employed or recently unemployed have a significant advantage competing for employment. In response, P2E focuses on employment not training.

It offers a five week preparatory program which includes workshops on resume writing, interview preparation, self-marketing and other skills. It also provides businesses a risk-free opportunity to use local talent during a 4-week work experience program, financed by P2E.  By eliminating employer risk during the hiring process P2E breaks down a significant barrier to employment.

“P2E is an incredible program, which equips the unemployed with the tools to go out and find meaningful employment with realistic salaries to rebuild their lives,” said Gerald Jones a recent program graduate. “P2E gives hope to many who are ready to give up and it strengthens our commitment to our state as well as paying the dividends of tax revenue, which just was not there before we got back into the work force.”

Those interested in applying for the next P2E program are encourage to visit and select the Connecticut application.

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