What is MaturityWorks?

MaturityWorks is a training program that helps people, age 55 and older, increase their job skills through paid community service in local non-profit organizations.

Looking to become a participant?

Expand your job skills and get ready to re-enter the workforce.

MaturityWorks offers paid job training with local non-profit organizations. Participants will be matched with training assignments that fit their unique skill set, schedule, and training needs. While in the program receive support to secure employment.

You can receive

  • Paid training
  • Assisted job search
  • Job placement assistance
  • Support services

To be eligible for MaturityWorks, you must:

  • Be unemployed
  • 55 or older
  • Meet family income guidelines

Looking to become a Host Agency?

Expand and strengthen your community programs.

Host Agencies provide skill-development opportunities in positions that increase their capacity to mature workers (55+) that want to re-enter the workforce. As a host agency you will receive 15-20 hours per week of support, at no cost to your organization, providing the ability to broaden the services you provide as well as strengthen your community programs.

For more information please contact


Toll-free 1-866-683-1682