Your Pathway to a Career in Renewable Energy

Developed in Collaboration with industry experts and employers, EnergyWorks is focused on careers in the renewable energy sector. Participants receive training that is not only comprehensive but also directly relevant to the needs and expectations of potential employers. Our curriculum prepares individuals for diverse career opportunities. 

Participants engage in a blend of classroom instruction, hands-on practical exercises, and immersive virtual reality (VR) simulations. Whether it’s installing solar panels, analyzing energy efficiency data, or maintaining vital infastructure, our varied training approach ensures that participants gain practical experience and develop the necessary skills to succeed in the renewable energy industry.

– Renewable Energy Career Paths –

Our program is committed to providing extensive career support and pathways to meaningful employment. You could have a career:

With solar energy providers

And more!

With homes and businesses to make them more energy efficient

Or become an utility Lineworker

The transition to renewable energy careers does not just provide these jobs but endless opportunities! It unlocks a world of opportunities and benefits for individuals seeking meaningful, rewarding careers.

Get Started

Ready to take the first step? We invite interested individuals, and companies within the renewable energy industry, to participate in our survey. By sharing your background, interests, and contact information with us, we can tailor our program to better meet your needs and keep you informed once the program is ready to launch. 


  • Must be 17 years old or older.
  • Must live in Southwestern Connecticut
  • No GED or High School Diploma  required

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    James Shirvell

    Program Manager of EnergyWorks