Amid historic unemployment claims in Connecticut, a Bridgeport-based organization is evolving to help get the state’s workers back to work.

The nonprofit The WorkPlace says more than 75,000 workers have filed for unemployment in southwestern Connecticut.

“The prevention of their becoming long-term unemployed, really is the main task that we have,” says Joe Carbone, the organization’s president. He says the organization is adapting to help those furloughed or laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Carbone is touting Platform to Employment 2.0 – a new pilot program for totally virtual career classes and placement.

“We deal with the issue of self-confidence. We deal directly with the emotional issues,” he says.

According to Carbone, the platform is a job placement pipeline with an over 80% success rate.

He hopes The Workplace’s new online format will mean a wider reach for potential workers.