State Representative Tim Ackert (R-8) celebrated with graduates from the Platform to Employment program during a ceremony held at the state’s capitol to recognize their recent achievement.

More than 30 men and women from the P2E program were in attendance as Representative Ackert and other state representatives congratulated all of the students on their completion of the program and ongoing efforts to get back into the workforce.

On graduation day, Rep. Ackert emphasized three words: courage, faith, and commitment.

“I commend your courage in taking the first step, and knowing that you need additional resources in order to get re-employed. Your faith in the program and the career coaches they offer provide the necessary tools to succeed and the commitment to stick it out in order achieve this recognition,” Rep. Ackert said.

Rep. Ackert was in attendance when this group initially began their journey and was there in the end to congratulate them on its completion.

“As recent graduates, your job is to now make the most of the things you have learned through this program and successfully get back into the workforce,” he said. “My job as a legislator is to make sure that all of your hard work results in finding a job here in Connecticut.”

Approximately 42% of those men and women who enrolled and completed this recent program have already been re-integrated back into the workforce.

The Platform to Employment program began in Southwest Connecticut in 2011 as a means to work with the long-term unemployed by providing a five-week preparatory program designed at returning those individuals back into the workforce.

Currently, classes are offered in Bridgeport, Hartford, Norwich/New London, and Waterbury areas. According to their website, the P2E program holds an almost 90% national success rate.

For more information on the program visit their site at

State Rep. Ackert Watches Platform to Employment Students Come Full Circle