Platform to Employment Creates a Pathway To Opportunity For The Long-Term Unemployed

Through Platform to Employment® (P2E) The WorkPlace began exploring the challenges that long-term unemployed workers face searching for employment. We established a goal of creating a force in its community to grow support and services for the long-term unemployed and generate widespread recognition of their specific challenges.

A need to transcend traditional remedies for the unemployed became clear. Platform to Employment was created.

P2E as the program is also known, is an innovative solution addressing the unique challenges of returning the long-term unemployed to work while providing employers a new avenue to a skilled workforce. Businesses receive a risk-free opportunity to evaluate and consider hiring participants during a four-week work experience funded by Platform to Employment.

How Platform to Employment Works

P2E participants start with a five-week preparatory program that addresses the social, emotional, and skill deficiencies caused by long-term unemployment. Participants are then matched with open positions at local companies on an eight-week trial basis; their salaries during the trial are funded by The WorkPlace.

Why P2E Is Needed

We are several years removed from the recession and still millions of Americans are out of work for more than six months. The long-term unemployed come from all walks of life and face the same hiring challenges. With so many workers unemployed for shorter durations and many more looking to advance beyond part-time employment, employers don’t have to look that deep into the labor pool for qualified candidates. After years of unemployment, many workers experience distinct stresses. Their savings have been exhausted to cover daily expenses. They may face foreclosure and loss of housing. Many feel disconnected from their careers, become depressed, lose confidence and experience strains on their families.

Platform to Employment empowers individuals, fosters self-sufficiency and focuses on performance improvements with measurable outcomes. We help participants discover their true potential while providing employers flexible and highly trained workers who can think critically, act independently and work in teams!

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Platform to Employment Success Story

“I cannot recommend The WorkPlace and the P2E program more! It simply meant the world to me. After months and months of searching and applying for positions the “old school” way, the toll of not finding a job began to overwhelm. Shortly after starting the program I began to change my approach and viewpoint. A sense of confidence returned! I began to have HOPE! Bottom line: I landed a position in my field – one that will allow me to grow professionally and present opportunities down the road. Thank you, P2E – I truly don’t think I would’ve done it without you.” – Rich Ward, Norwich/New London graduate

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