Platform to Employment Moves Across the Nation

If Platform to Employment sounds familiar, it’s because the CBS news magazine program – “60 Minutes” – profiled P2E in a segment called “Trapped in Unemployment,” which exposed the magnitude of long-term unemployment across the nation. In the wake of the 60 Minutes report, The WorkPlace moved to share its model with workforce and economic development agencies across the United States. P2E has been successfully replicated in more than a dozen states. Most recently Nevada, New York, California and Pennsylvania launched P2E projects. We look forward to the continued demonstration of P2E achievements and growing it with other workforce systems across the nation.

Previously P2E had been successfully replicated in 10 cities: Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Minneapolis, Newark, San Diego, San Francisco and Tampa.  These pilot locations validated Connecticut results and provided a framework for subsequent replication. During a January 2014 White House Summit on long-term unemployment, President Obama took the time to reference P2E as a program that is able to show success.

Socially responsible organizations have stepped forward to support pilot initiatives, including the AARP Foundation, Citi Community Development, and the Walmart Foundation.

The WorkPlace is well positioned to support the continued growth of P2E by sharing it with communities in need of assistance. P2E continues to provide hope to people who have not yet witnessed an economic recovery in their own lives.

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