The Platform to Employment (P2E) Program is designed to reconnect 99ers* with employment. (* 99ers are individuals who have exhausted their unemployment benefits.)  The P2E Program offers a variety of support services and access to career-related tools, seminars, and resources to strengthen skills in order to re-enter the workforce.

Platform to Employment is available to residents of Connecticut. If you are a job seeker outside of Connecticut searching for employment information and tools to manage your career, please visit the Career One Stop website sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration to identify resources in your community.

To be eligible for the P2E Program, you must be out of work and have exhausted 99 weeks of employment insurance.  The screening process begins when you click here to complete the application.

The original P2E program was limited to only 100 participants.  We hope to start other sessions later this year.  After careful review of all applications received, selected individuals will continue to the next screening phase – an interview with the Platform to Employment (P2E) Team.  If you have not been contacted, you were not chosen to participate in the program.

The Platform to Employment Program is offered by The WorkPlace in partnership with Career Resources, Inc. and the Connecticut Department of Labor.